The Two Primary Features of Brand New Slot Machines Available at Playtech Casinos

logoSince its establishment in the year 1999, Playtech has progressed leaps and bounds and has made a name for itself in the online gaming industry in general and online casinos in particular. With every passing year, Playtech kept on increasing and diversifying its games and at this point of time has over hundred slots offering different kinds of gameplay to the online casino lovers all over the globe.

In 2016 as well Playtech plans to launch quite a few brand new slots to entertain all the customers who expect something new from Playtech. There are two major areas in which Playtech will emphasize this year. The two primary features of brand new slot machines available at Playtech casinos are as follows.


The first and foremost concern of Playtech regarding its brand new slot machines is increasing the security of the gamblers. Although there hasn’t been any major mention of there being a breach or flaw in Playtech’s security, however, in 2016, Playtech plans to increase the security of its brand new slot machines even more, so that all the players from around the world who join the game have no security or breach related concerns whilst playing.


The other important thing Playtech intends to ensure in its brand new slot machines is diversity. It plans to offer all kinds of games to the people having different kinds of tastes. Those who are fan of superheroes and other franchises will find games based on franchises. Those who like live dealer games will get to experience the thrill of live dealer based game, and those who want to play simple betting games will also get their share in the diverse range of slots available.

In short, in the brand new slot machines available at Playtech casinos in 2016, as usual the security and diversity in the game play will be an evident thing.